Chicago Chick

CHICAGO CHICK is a gripping narrative about two young lovers' struggle to stay afloat while they watch the foundation of their life sinking into bottomless misery. The story is flavored with passion, humor and country music...

A young woman is forced to leave the big city due to bad luck with relationships. She lands in rural Illinois with her daughter. Struggling to build a new life, she bumps into two men who have a strong impact on her future. One is a man she shouldn't bump into; a wanted rapist. The other one is a guy she falls in love with...

"A very well written novel with twists and turns to the plot that help the book remain unpredictable"

Bettyann Bruin, Writer's literary, New York

Previous title: When Bubbles Burst

In the darkest corner of the human mind is a land where respect and decency are replaced by greed and cruelty. It's a place to avoid. The problem is you don't know where it is until you're in the middle of it. But you get the drift when you're offered choice between volunteering, getting raped or getting killed. Pretty Cornelia's method to get out of the jam is perhaps not Police recommendation, but it's shockingly efficient...

She pictured the next phase with a streak of panic. Les would drop her off in the middle of town and that was it. Except that she would be standing there like a bombed-out mother in a war movie,holding her daughter's hand in wait for a train on a deserted platform. A broken doll pressed against the child's chest would complete the picture. If it hadn't been for Carsie's steady gaze on her face, she would have flashed a bitter smile or started crying. His question brought her back.

   "How do like to sharing residence with Mrs. Fields?"

   "I don't live there anymore."

   "Where do you live?"



   A moment of tense eyeballing, then the eruption. A flood of tears dimmed her eyes. The weeks of accumulated frustration rippled down her cheeks. It was no way she could stop it. She didn't want to stop it. It was giving vent to the agony or explode. The rent room defeat had been one blow too many...

If the #metoo movement would feel the need of a manual for women under attack, the chapter 'when bubbles burst' might add some inspiration...

I wrote the story 2009 and had it registered under the title WHEN BUBBLES BURST at LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, writer's name Albert Loren. I sent the manuscript to the agent Writer's Literary in New York, had it accepted and positive review by Bettyann Bruin. That was it. Publishing is about marketing and nowadays it seems the writer is a very important player in that part of the game. I learned that promoting a middle-aged white male from another planet didn't work in die-hard US competition. So, I gave up. Was just another dream.

Then, along came #metoo and focus on assaulted women. What probably is the oldest abuse issue in the history of mankind, suddenly surfaced. I read about assaulted women and their perpetrators and nodded in sad recognition. Those guys consider women personal toys. They pop up everywhere. Weak-minded defence is "they like when we do it, they just pretend they don't". I couldn't get into my mind that someone would like to be touched on the most private parts. I would turn furios if I were the victim. I realized I had been right since adolesence; bullies are nothing but bullies. The issue is not sex; it's about bullying and violence. My story involves one of those guys and his simple-minded attitude. But this time the chick uses her brains as defense. And she does it very well.

It may seem odd to some people that a male writer includes the #metoo subject, but I don't see the issue primarily as a gender problem; to me it's about violence and disrespect. #metoo was in people's minds long before some corageous women let the cat out. My ten-year old story confirms.

Like Bettyann Bruin says in her review, the story involves many turns and twists and women assault is only one of them; three young country musicians' struggle to get famous is another one; greedy loan sharks play a dirty part; an innovation that is claimed to save the world climate is racking nerves and minds. On  a verandah, two elder men comment on everything that happens in a philosophic or sometimes sarcastic manner. And don't worry, there is action and humor too, and when two young people land in private situations we all know what might happen. Or don't we? Yes, we do, but turns and twist can have an impact on that too; from more than a figurative angle.

Music plays an important part. I've listened to American folk songs and country music throughout my life, starting with Burl Ives, Jimmy Rodgers and Hank Williams; later Don Williams, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash. Not to mention Chet Atkins, my favorite instrumentalist. The songs mentioned in the book are well-known items for most country lovers, though not very modern. Some songs never get out of fashion, new versions keep popping up.  

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Title: Chicago Chick

Author: GA Lorén
Copyright: GA Lorén 2019

Publisher: BoD

ISBN printed book: 9789 175 69050 6

E-book ISBN-13: 9789178514700

Binding: Paperback

Location: Rural Illinois

Demographic Focus: Women + 15 / All book readers

Pages: 480

Category: Romantic drama

Price paperback: USA (Amazon) $32.50
UK (amazon) 20.90 

Price e-book: USA (amazon kindle) $ 9.99

UK (amazon kindle) £7.49

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